Educational guide 
Faculty of Arts
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Study programmes

Graduate in English Studies
Anthropology and Human Evolution (2013)
Graduate in History
Graduate in the History of Art
Graduate in Audiovisual Communication
Graduate in Catalan Language and Literature
Graduate in Hispanic Language and Literature
Graduate in Journalism (2009)
Graduate in Publicity and Public Relations (2009)

Master's degree
Alumnes estrangers
Medical Anthropology and Internacional Health (2006)
Medical Anthropology and Internacional Health (2010)
Urban Anthropology (2006)
Urban Anthropology, Migrations and Social Intervention (2013)
Classical Archaeology (2006)
Classical Archaeology (2010)
Classical Archaeology (2013)
Quaternary Archaeology and Human Evolution (2010)
Quaternary Archaeology and Human Evolution (Erasmus Mundus) (2012)
Social Sciences of Development:Cultures and Development in Africa (2010)
Politi., Institu. and Corporat. Comm. in environ. of crisis and risk (2010)
Strategic Communication at the risk society (2012)
Foreign Language Teaching (2007)
Foreign Language Teaching (2010)
Cultural Studies in English Language. Texts and Contexts (2009)
Women, gender and cityzenship (2007)
Women, Gender and Cityzenship Studies (2012)
Advanced Studies of Catalan Language, Literature and culture (2010)
Identitat Europea Medieval (2013)
Youth and Society (2007)
Migrations and Social Mediation (2010)
Music as an Interdisciplinary Art (2010)
Euro-Mediterranean Relations (2011)
Historic Societies and Political Forms in Europe (2009)

1st & 2nd Cycle
English Studies (2001)
Catalan Studies (01)
Hispanic Studies (2001)
Geography (2001)
History (2001)
History of Art (2001)
Publicity and Public Relations (2001)

2nd Cycle
Social and Cultural Antropology (2001)
Journalism (2004)


Campus Catalunya. Av. Catalunya, 35. 43002 Tarragona

Ground floor: Arts Secretariat.

First floor: Dean's Office and Department of Romance Studies.

Second floor: Department of Catalan Studies and Department of English and German Studies.

Third floor:  Department of Anthropology, Philosophy and Social Work and Department of Communication Studies.

Fourth floor: Department of History and History of Art.