Rovira y Virgili
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Dean: John Style

E-mail: degafll@urv.cat                        Tel:977 55 81 01


Vice-dean and head of the programme in Geography: Jordi Blay Boqué

E-mail: jordi.blay@urv.cat                    Tel:  977 55 81 47  


Secretary and head of the programme in Catalan Studies: Francesc Massip Bonet

E-mail: francesc.massip@urv.cat                   Tel: 977 55 81 33


Head of the programme in Hispanic Studies: Natàlia Català Torres

E-mail: natalia.catala@urv.cat             Tel: 977 55 95 46


Head of the programme in English Studies:  Dolors Collellmir Morales

a/e: dolors.collellmir@urv.cat       Tel. 977 55 95 25


Head of the programme in History of Art: Jordi Carbonell Pallarés

E-mail: jorgeangel.carbonell@urv.cat             Tel: 977 55 95 85

Head of the programme in History: Maria Bonet Donato

E-mail: maria.bonet@urv.cat             Tel: 977 55 82 63


Head of the programme in Social Anthropology: Mabel Gracia Arnaiz

E-mail: mabel.gracia@urv.cat              Tel: 977 55 95 78


Head of the programmes in Advertising and Public Relations, and  Journalism: Arantxa Capdevila

E-mail: arantxa.capdevila@urv.cat                Tel: 977 55 85 93


Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Quaternary Archaeology: Robert Sala Ramos  

E-mail: robert.sala@urv.cat                  Tel: 977 55 97 30


 Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Archaeology: Eva Subías Pascual    

E-mail: eva.subias@urv.cat                   Tel.977 55 86 92


Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Mediterranean Cultural Studies:  Enric Olivé i Serret 

E-mail: enric.olive@urv.cat                    Tel: 977 55 85 28


Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Urban Anthropology (MAU):  Jaume Vallverdú Vallverdú  

E-mail: jaime.vallverdu@urv.cat                     Tel: 977 55 88 63


Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Medical Anthropology and International Health (MAMSI): Ángel Martínez Hernáez

E-mail: angel.martinez@urv.cat                 Tel: 977 55 81 39


Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Catalan  Language, Literature and  Culture: Montserrat Corretger Sáez   

a/e: montserrat.corretger@urv.cat                Tel. 977 55 82 21


Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Women, genre and citizenship: Yolanda Tortajada Gimenez

a/e: yolanda.tortajada@urv.cat        Tel. 977 55 85 33


Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Migrations and Social Intervention (MiMS): Montserrat Soronellas Masdeu

a/e: mariamontserrat.soronellas@urv.cat        Tel. 977 55 87 31


Coordinator of the Master's Degree in foreign languages (spanish): Esther Forgas Berdet

a/e: esther.forgas@urv.cat              Tel. 977 55 95 39


Coordinator of the Master's Degree in foreign languages (english): Joaquin Romero Gallego

a/e: joaquin.romero@urv.cat       Tel. 977 55 95 26


Coordinator of the Master in Youth and Society: Oriol Romaní Alonso

a/e: oriol.romani@urv.cat       Tel. 977 55 95 77


Coordinador of the Master in Historical societies and political forms in Europe: J. M. Thomas Andreu 

a/e: joanmaria.thomas@urv.cat                  Tel. 977 55 81 43


Coordinador of the Master in Cultural Studies in English: texts and contexts: Pere Gallardo Torrano

a/e: pere.gallardo@urv.cat                  Tel. 977 55 85 68


Coordinador of the Master in Translation and Intercultural Studies: Anthony Pym

a/e: anthony.pym@urv.cat                  Tel. 977 55 85 69

Coordinador of the Master in Social science development: culture and development in Africa: Josep Sánchez Cervelló

a/e: josep.sanchez@urv.cat                  Tel. 977 55 86 15

Coordinador of the Master Political communication, corporate and institutional environments and risk crisis: Bernat López López

a/e: bernat.lopez@urv.cat                  Tel. 977 29 94 40