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Faculty of Legal Sciences
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Study programmes

Double degree in Law and Labour Relations and Employment (2014)
Degree of Law (2009)
Degree of Labour Relations and Employment (2009)
Degree of Social Work (2009)

Master's degree
Practice of Law (2012)
Environmental Law (2010)
Environmental Law (2014)
Business and Contractual Law (2012)
Business and Contracting Law (2009)
Advanced Studies of Government and Public Law (2011)
Criminal Justice System (2009)

calendari acadèmis Grau 2011-2012

Calendari de Graus 2012-2013 Calendari de garus 2012-2013

Calendari de Màsters 2012-2013Calendari màsters 2012-2013

Calendari de plans antics 2012-2013Calendari plans antics 2012-2013