Educational guide 
School of Engineering
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Study programmes

Double degree in Biomedical and Telecommunication Engineering (2019)
Double degree in Electrical Engineering/Electro., Ind. and Automatic (2014)
Double degree in Business Admin. and Manag. and Tech. for Developing Web...
Double degree in Biotechnology and Computer Engineering (2014)
Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Engineering (2017)
Bach. Degree in Telecommunication Systems and Services Engineering (2016)
Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering (2010)
Bachelor's Degree in Electronic and Automation Engineering (2010)
Bachelor's Degree in Computer engineering (2010)
Degree in Mathematical and Physical Engineering (2021)
Bac. Degree in Techniques for Developing Web and Mobiles Applications(2018)

Master's degree
Biomedical Data Science (2022)
Computer Security Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (2016)
Computer Security Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (2016) - Online
Computational Engineering and Mathematics (2013)
Industrial Engineering (2013)
Artificial Intelligence (2012)
Electric Vehicle Technologies (2018)

Rules and regulations

All members of the ETSE are governed, first, by the general rules of the URV, and the other, the specific regulations of the center.

Regarding the general rules of the URV, you can consult the following address:


At this address you can find regulations especially important for your life at the URV, as well as a collection of university legislation.

Moreover, as a member of the ETSE you must abide by the following rules apply exclusively to the center: