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Formal Mentoring Program
1st Cycle

¿What are academic tutorials?

What are academic tutorials?

Academic tutoring allows students to have ongoing support from a tutor in order to respond to the problems and needs related to their university life.

Each student has a tutor from beginning until the race ends.

Moreover, the student also has other resources such as courses and seminars with which to develop transversal skills.

¿In what ways can academia tutorials be useful?

 Why I can be useful tutorials?

Tutoring I can be useful to:

¿How are the tutorials organized?

How tutorials are organized?

The tutorials can be arranged with three types of activities:
  • Tutorials in small groups: a training and informative character issues where necessary work in promoting your small group discussion and participation.
  • Individual tutorials: anytime consult your personal tutor themes. The need to ask you.
  • Seminars / workshops / courses: character training. The tutor will tell you which are interesting to attend.

You can communicate with your tutor in person and virtually.

  • Face: When you are physically in the same place with the tutor.
  • Virtual: through Moodle E-tutorials.

E-tutoring is to help you communicate with the tutor agree on a day and time for tutoring and have important information. You'll be in this space through Page: http://moodle.urv.cat

¿Who is my tutor?

Who is my tutor?

The tutor is a professor who teaches a degree with expertise in education taken by students tutoring.

At the beginning of each course, students can see who is your tutor in the space Moodle tutorials

¿How are tutors assigned to students? How the tutor is assigned each student?

The allocation of each tutor each student is randomly among the group of tutors and students.

Both students and tutors can request a change in the allocation motivated. The procedure for requesting this change will submit an application addressed to the coordinator of tutoring center stating the reasons.


The tutor is a student since I began teaching the student to ETSE until the ends.

¿When should I attend tutorials?

When should you attend a tutorial?

Since this service is important to the development of students any time of doubt it is advisable to go to resolve but at the beginning and end of the four-month periods more interesting.
  • At the beginning of the year, especially if you are new students, so that students receive help to better understand the university in general and education in particular is pursuing.
  • Before the end of the first quarter, to track how it is evolving student academic level and guide them on issues related to their academic performance.
  • Start of the second quarter, to review the academic results of the first semester and guide planning and dedication in the second quarter.
  • At the end of the academic year in order to review the level of preparation of materials and review the training program for the following year, if necessary.
  • Other times throughout the race, as long as the student has need to talk to your tutor.

For more information on the process of mentoring ETSE visit the following link: