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Study programmes

Grau d'Anglès
Grau d'Història
Grau de Comunicació Audiovisual
Grau de Llengua i Literatura Catalanes
Grau de Llengua i Literatura Hispàniques
Grau de Periodisme
Grau de Comunicació Audiovisual

Medical Anthropology and Internacional Health (2006)
Medical Anthropology and Internacional Health (2010)
Urban Anthropology (2006)
Urban Anthropology (2010)
Classical Archaeology (2006)
Classical Archaeology (2010)
Quaternary Archaeology and Human Evolution (2006)
Quaternary Archaeology and Human Evolution (2010)
Social Sciences of Development:Cultures and Development in Àfrica (2010)
Politi., Institu. and Corporat. Comm. in environ. of crisis and risk (2010)
Foreign Language Teaching (2007)
Foreign Language Teaching (2010)
Cultural Studies in English Language. Texts and Contexts (2009)
Advanced Studies of Catalan Language, Literature and culture (2007)
Advanced Studies of Catalan Language, Literature and culture (2010)
Joventut i Societat (2007)
Migrations and Social Mediation (2007)
Migrations and Social Mediation (2010)
Music as an Interdisciplinary Art (2010)
Historic Societies and Political Forms in Europe (2009)
Translation and Intercultural Studies (2010)

1st & 2nd Cycle
Filologia Anglesa (01)
Filologia Catala (01)
Filologia Hispànica
Geografia (2001)
Història (2001)
Història de l'Art (2001)
Publicitat i Relacions Públiques (2001)

2nd Cycle
Antropologia Social i Cultural (01)
Periodisme (2004)

General description



In the academic year 2010-11, the Faculty of Arts provides the following courses:


1st and 2nd cycle

• English Studies

• Catalan Studies

• Hispanic Studies

• Geography

• History

• History of Art

• Advertising and Public Relations


2nd cycle

•  Social and Cultural Anthropology (second-cycle degree)

• Journalism (second-cycle degree)



• History

• History of Art

• English

• Catalan language and literature

• Hispanic language and literature

• Audiovisual Communication

• Journalism

• Advertising and Public Relations


Master's courses

• Master's Degree in Quaternary Archaeology

• Master's Degree in Archaeology

• Master's Degree in Mediterranean Cultural Studies

• Master's Degree in Urban Anthropology (MAU)

• Master's Degree in Medical Anthropology and International Health (MAMSI)

• Master's Degree in Catalan language, literature and culture

• Master's Degree in Women, genre and citizenship (interuniversity)

• Master's Degree in Migrations and Social Intervention (MiMS)

• Master's Degree in foreign languages (spanish/english)

• Master's Degree in Youth and Society (interuniversity)

• Master's Degree in Historical societies and political forms in Europe

• Master's Degree in Cultural studies in English: text and context

• Master's Degree Translation and Intercultural Studies

• Master's Degree Social science development: culture and development in Africa

• Master's Degree Political communication, corporate and institutional environments and risk crisis