Educational guide 
School of Engineering
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Study programmes

Degree of Electrical Engineering (2010)
Degree of Electronic and Automation Engineering (2010)
Degree of Computer engineering (2010)
Degree of Telematics engineering (2010)

Master's degree
Electronic Engineering (2010)
Artificial Intelligence (2006)
Intel·ligència Artificial (2012)
Security of the Information and Communication Technologies (2011)
Computer security and intelligent systems (2010)

1st Cycle
Engineering in Computer Management (1998)
Engineering in Computer Systems (1998)
Telecommunications Engineering specializing in Telematics (2003)
Industrial Engineering: Electricity (2002)
Industrial Engineering: Industrial Electronics (2002)

2nd Cycle
Engineering in Automation and Industrial Electronics (1998)
Computer engineering (1997)


Address and Location                                                                                                   

School of Engineering
Sescelades Campus
Av. dels Països Catalans, 26
43007 Tarragona, SPAIN  Tel: (34) 977 - 55 97 00  Fax: (34) 977 - 55 96 99

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