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Mobility is a real asset for students that is being appreciated more and more by employers and which will soon be indispensable. Therefore, the URV and the School of Engineering wish to encourage students to take part in the various mobility programmes that are available.

The students of the Schoo of Engineering, like those from the rest of the URV, can take part in a variety of mobility programmes. The International Relations Office is entrusted with managing the programmes and you can find all the necessary information on the Office’s web site (URV>Alumnes>Serveis de Suport/Complementaris: Mobilitat Universitària i Internacionals) or the School of Engineering’s web site:

You will find information at this link:


The most important programmes, as far as demand is concerned, are:

Should you require more detailed information, please go to see ETSE’s general mobility coordinator Domènec Puig i Valls(domenec.puig@urv.cat) in office 239.

If you are interested in the Socrates-Erasmus programme, please go to see the mobility coordinator of the course you are studying: